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Responsive and customizable livescore shows live results for 60+ sports and 5000+ leagues. Live score can provide your website with a unique “live” feeling.

We supply live results from an impressive number of sports and leagues. We provide among others goal scorers, minutes played, half time results and final scores.

From selected leagues, we also offer more detailed information such as bookings and assists. Either you can use our XML-feed and develop a service of your own or we can host a company-branded service for you. This can be provided in many languages.

Our live score services provides your website with a unique “live” feeling. There is always something happening and we have staff dedicated to it on a 24/7 basis. From our live score you can easily reach our statistics (with tables etc). See below for an example of our hosted live score. It gives you the opportunity to stay up to date in the world of sports by visiting only one website.

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