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ScoreCenter is our live product. It provides an extensive and in-depth sports data coverage of matches for football, ice hockey and handball leagues.

ScoreCenter is our latest live product. It provides an extensive and in-depth coverage of matches in major football and ice hockey leagues. ScoreCenter presents the lineups of the two teams, the referee and the arena before the match starts. During the match statistical information like shots on goal, fouls and ball possession is constantly updated.

Score-sensitive information like “what is the chance that the home-team scores 2-0 when they now lead 1-0?” is provided in ScoreCenter. This information is generated from our extensive database with information on the last 10 seasons for many leagues.

For betting companies it is possible to integrate their betting slip into our ScoreCenter. Punters can then bet on the game when at the same time watching our in-depth information and coverage of the same game.

Of course goals, yellow and red cards and substitutions are reported in our ScoreCenter as they happen.

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