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Fixtures/Result Feed

Sports data XML Push API to deliver real time fixture schedules, results, livescore and standings data for 60+ sports and 5000+ leagues.


Score24 is a company that manages the Results Administration (RA) for several betting operators. With RA from Score24 you can rely on updated fixtures and correct results at the highest possible pace.

Our service is fully automated, which means that once your system is configured to receive our information, you only have to focus on the odds – the rest is managed by us.

Before the season starts, you can log into our admin and download the fixtures list for the whole season for any league. This means that all starting times for all matches for a given league for the coming season are sent to your system. After that, whenever a match is cancelled, postponed, the starting time has changed etc, you will automatically receive an XML file with the new information and your system will be updated accordingly.

Score24 covers more than 60 sports. We offer an impressive number of leagues and cups from all over the world (see Coverage List).

We know that it is time-consuming and costly for you to manage the results administration on your own. But by outsourcing this work to Score24 you can save both time and money. While we monitor the sports, you can focus on adding more features and markets to your services.

We have an organization with lots of experience and expertise in the field of sports results. Therefore we can keep mistakes to an absolute minimum. We continuously monitor our quality and our results are correct in more than 99,9% of all cases.

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